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TEXT  Serhij Žadan, Jurij Andruchovyč, Halyna Kruk, Andrij Bondar, Halyna Petrosaňak, Hryhorij Semenčuk 

CONCEPT, DIRECTOR  Lucie Ingrová a kol. 

DRAMATURGY  Lucie Ingrová

MUSIC  Matěj Kotouček, Aliaksandr Yasinski

LIGHTS, SOUNDS  Marian Schüller 

PRODUCTION  Divadla Láska Theatre´s collective

ACTORS  Sarah Haváčová, Daniel Herman, Marie Jansová, František Čachotský, Yuliia Yabletska (guest)*, Kapitolina Kolobova (guest)* 

 *in alternation

Scenic composition of Ukrainian poetry by contemporary authors

The project is the first venture of Divadlo Láska Theatre and its signature performance. It combines the theme of deep interpersonal solidarity with a specific expression of help, thus mirroring the philosophy of our theatre.

The performance has no clearly defined characters. The performative recitation of poems is combined with images of refugees fleeing the war, who meet at a „station of history“, where they eat and sleep together and tell each other stories from the war, making us aware of the current situation in Ukraine and beyond.

The premiere took place three weeks after the beginning of the war. The performance is an expression of solidarity towards Ukraine. All earnings from the entrance fee are sent to the Ukrainian Embassy in Prague. Some of the authors of the texts included in the production are still fighting on the front, so we find it very important to perform their work. One of them, Serhij Žadan, has been nominated for the 2022 Nobel Prize in Literature.

Each performance is followed by a discussion Say No to Collective Guilt!

The discussion features guests from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.

Moderated by the former Czech Minister of Culture Daniel Herman.



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Lucie Ingrová (Artistic leader)

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